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Chain & Belt type Bucket Elevator Shackle Pan Conveyor Twin-Shaft Mixer Change-Over Valves Shut-off Devices Star Feeders Bulk Loading Equipment Screw Conveyor

Chain & Belt, Bucket Elevator • Endless Chain Strands with Bucket attachments system • Chain Bucket Elevator for Cement Plants • New Conveyor System for Hot Clinker / Other materials Heat Exchanger Chains • Other products meant for Cement industry, Lime, Sand, Gravel and Clay • Chain Wheel with inner & Pocket teeth • Cleaning Scraper under Conveyor Belts

11kv & Above: High Voltage Cables for Power Plant Substation and Grid Station Application

Gas Insulated Switch Gear (SF6), Outdoor & Transformer Termination • Insulating, Stop Through & Stop Joints • Transition Joints (Between GIS & XLPE) • Optical Fiber and Copper Cables (OPGW) • Communication System • Installation, Commissioning & Testing Services

Agitators & Mixers

Designer and Manufacturer • Pilot Scale • Large Scale • Heavy Duty • Agitators & Mixers for • Laboratory / Standard Within R&D dept. and with Experienced team of Service Technicians Assistance is Provided whenever needed • Pilot Plants and Industries (General)

Industrial Lubrication

• Grease and Oil Pumps • Power Lube • Grease Guns • Rail Road Lubrication • Cordless Grease Guns •Modular Lube Auto System • Complete lubrication spares. • Application: • Cement • Pharmaceuticals • Glass • Steel • Oil & Gas • Textile • Forging • Petrochemicals • Food and Beverages

Electrical Actuator

HSE compliant with complete installation and packages. • Having installation base in Aramco, SEC, SWCC, Marafiq, Sabic etc. • From building HVAC systems to fish farm, Every type of plant Applications: • Oil & Gas • Exploration • Chemical • Petrochemical • Food processing • Power plant • Water desalination system etc.

Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solution provider with engineering, trading and export competences and offer our customers solutions that are tailored to their individual needs. Applications: • Cement / Lime / Gypsum Industry • Mineral Processing Industry • Metallurgy Industry • Power Stations

Battery Chargers

Battery Chargers and battery banks, and also offer installation services Applications: • Power plants • manufacturing units • Chemical units